Mom, Dentist, Friend

Dr. Sahar Ullery

As a proud Centerville native and CHS alumna, Dr. Sahar Ullery is thrilled to offer her hometown community with expert dentistry in a soothing space that feels like home! Providing the latest evidence-based treatment is Dr. Ullery’s passion, all while making sure it’s comfortable and customized to your needs. Taking care of you and your family is truly much more than Dr. Ullery’s career, it’s her joy.

Fun Facts!

LOVES Bill’s Donuts

Mama to 3 kids

Proud CHS alumna

the dream


Our team of Centerville locals takes pride in serving our beloved community with exceptional dental care and a heartfelt touch.


Office Manager


Insurance Coordinator


Patient Coordinator


Expanded Function Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant




Lactation Consultant


Uptown dental?

CHARMing Care

It’s time to reimagine what your dental experience can be! We’re here to create uplifting, memorable appointments by providing care that’s comfortable, efficient, and personalized to suit your unique needs. From our easy online booking options to our kindhearted, Uptown-grown team, we’re fully committed to making your appointment truly charming.

A Space That Feels Like Home

When you step into our practice, you’re welcomed into a space that makes you feel right at home. From our modern finishes to our warm and friendly team, we’re here to help you enjoy your stay from start to finish.

Soothing Amenities

Indulge in ultimate comfort during your visit with TVs in every treatment room, a well-stocked beverage station, and a delightful coffee bar. Enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix or browse the web on our iPads — whatever makes you feel right at home!

Top-Notch Tools & Treatments

By investing in the latest technology, we can ensure you and your family gets efficient care and amazing results. With our iTero scanner and Glide Well mill, we can place a dental crown in just a single visit. You can even get a sneak peek of your future treatment results with our same-day smile makeover simulator. And thanks to our CO2 laser, your baby can receive a virtually painless lip or tongue tie release — no numbing required!

It's All About You

With kids, soccer practice, and an endless to-do list, we completely understand that making it to the dentist can be a challenge. That’s why we’re committed to providing care that actually makes your life easier. With same-day treatments and easy online booking, we get you in and out in no time. And when it comes to your baby’s tongue tie or your desire to settle some of those fine lines, we’re right by your side. From the moment you schedule to your last goodbye, all of us at Uptown Dental are here to help make your experience something to smile about.

Rooted in


Located in the heart of Centerville, the team at Uptown Dental feels incredibly blessed to call this community home. We share a genuine love for our neighbors, and with every smile we care for, we strive to strengthen the bonds that make Centerville such a special place. Here are a few fun facts about our local practice:

The Uptown team is comprised of all Centerville natives!

Dr. Ullery’s husband, Brent, is the Centerville football team's head coach. Go Elks!

We make custom-fitted mouth guards for the CHS varsity football team to keep their smiles safe and strong!

what to expect




We know that going to the dentist isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. That’s why we’re on a mission to make your appointment as refreshing as possible — so you can actually enjoy giving your smile the TLC it deserves!

iTero Health Scan

Experience the future of dental care with our iTero Health Scan! This tool provides a detailed digital analysis of your oral health, helping us tailor a personalized treatment plan made just for you.


We believe in teamwork, and that includes you! Get ready for a dental experience where your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. Together, we can create a smile that's truly your own.

Prioritizing Your Needs

We're not just about teeth here – we're all about you! Our dedicated team listens with open hearts, understanding your desires and crafting a dental experience tailored to your unique preferences.

Comfort During Treatment

From snug blankets to soothing tunes and gentle techniques, we'll make sure you feel like you're receiving a spa treatment while we take care of your smile.