Family Dentistry in Centerville

At Uptown Dental, we know that family comes first. That's why we're here to take care of your loved ones with heartfelt compassion and personalized dental care. From little ones to grandparents, we're committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment where your family's smiles can shine bright.

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Dr. Ullery and her entire staff have created an office and atmosphere that the city of Centerville is lucky to have!”

Family Dentistry


Lip & Tongue Ties

If your little one is struggling with a lip or tongue tie, Dr. Ullery is here to help. With her expertise in CO2 laser therapy, she provides gentle and effective treatment, promoting better feeding, speaking, and overall oral health. Dr. Ullery is deeply dedicated to supporting you and your baby with the latest advancements, which is why she is pursuing membership on the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Improves Feeding & Speaking
CO2 Laser Is Virtually Painless
Rocking Chair & Changing Table Available

Children's Dentistry

We love taking care of our youngest patients! From their very first visit, we create a comfortable and fun environment, helping your child build a positive foundation for a lifetime of strong smiles. Our team is experienced in providing gentle care and education to ensure your child's smile grows healthy and happy.

Positive, Comfortable Experiences
Prevention of Dental Issues
Education For Long-Term Health

Preventive Care

Prevention is the key to a healthy smile, and our preventive care services are designed to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. With regular cleanings, thorough exams, and personalized recommendations, we help you maintain optimal oral health and catch any potential issues early on.

Reduces Risk of Cavities
Detects Oral Health Problems Early
Long-Term Benefits

Restorative Treatments

When it comes to restoring your smile, we've got you covered. From tooth-colored fillings to same-day crowns and everything in between, our restorative treatments are tailored to meet your unique needs. With our advanced techniques and compassionate approach, we'll help you regain confidence in your smile and enjoy a functional, beautiful set of teeth.

Restores Functionality
Enhances Aesthetics
Preservation of Natural Teeth

Cosmetic Care

Unleash the beauty of your smile with our comprehensive cosmetic care options. From professional in-office whitening to transformative veneers, Botox, fillers, and more, we offer personalized treatments that enhance your natural beauty and give you the smile of your dreams.

Covers Imperfections
Boosts Confidence
Transforms Your Smile

Same-Day Treatments

Say goodbye to long wait times and multiple visits. With our state-of-the-art glide well same-day crown mill and same-day smile makeover simulator, we offer efficient and convenient same-day treatments. Experience the joy of leaving our office with a beautifully restored smile in just one visit.

Time-Efficient Care
Immediate Restoration of Damaged Teeth
See Results In Just 1 Visit

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iTero Health Scan

Discover the future of dental care with our iTero Health Scan! This tool provides a detailed digital analysis of your oral health, helping us tailor a personalized treatment plan just for you.


We believe in teamwork, and that includes you! Get ready for a dental experience where your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. Together, we can create a smile that's truly your own.

Prioritizing Your Needs

We're not just about teeth here – we're all about you! Our dedicated team listens with open hearts, understanding your desires and crafting a dental experience tailored to your unique preferences.

Comfort During Treatment

From snug blankets to soothing tunes and gentle techniques, we'll make sure you feel like you're receiving a spa treatment while we take care of your smile.