Emergency Dentistry


Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is dental care dedicated to unexpected dental issues or emergencies. Emergency dentists provide this dental care and usually work round the clock every day of the week to ensure they tend to all dental emergencies. Examples of these dental emergencies include a knocked out or fractured tooth, lost restorations, and severe tooth pain. Any dental issue that can wait until the next day to solve is not a dental emergency.

What to Expect During an Emergency Dental


Prompt Attention and Evaluation

The emergency dental team will give you prompt attention the moment you arrive at the dental clinic. The dentist will begin an evaluation right away. This evaluation will involve questions about how you feel, your pain level, and any other symptoms you notice. The dentist may also take X-rays and conduct other diagnostic tests before moving to the next step.

Pain Management and Other Diagnostic Tests

The dentist will administer string painkillers to help with the pain. They might also administer a local anesthetic to help with the same. Once the pain subsides, the dentist will conduct other diagnostic tests to help create an effective treatment plan for your dental emergency.

Immediate Treatment

With a treatment plan in place, the dentist will move swiftly to provide the treatment described in the treatment plan. The most common treatments for dental emergencies include root canals, tooth extractions, and dental fillings, among others. The dentist will proceed with the treatment to restore your dental health.

Patient Education and Follow-Up Care

Once treatment concludes, the dentist will guide you on how to avoid future dental emergencies and act in case of one. Take these instructions to heart and follow them keenly to preserve your dental health. The dentist might also schedule follow-up treatments, depending on your dental emergency.


We Offer

Same-Day Emergency Services

Our same-day emergency dental service caters to urgent dental emergencies requiring immediate attention. Our emergency dentists are available 24/7 to give you world-class dental emergency services and restore your dental health within the shortest time possible. No scheduling or appointments are necessary; just walk in, and we’ll immediately cater to your dental emergency.

After-Hour Emergency Services

We also offer after-hour emergency services for dental emergencies that fall outside of our usual working hours. However, you must first consult with your preferred dentist and wait for confirmation before we can serve you. Our dentist will be more than eager to attend to you, provided you get their confirmation.

Weekend Appointments

Do you have an unexpected dental emergency on Saturday or Sunday? If so, worry not; we offer weekend appointments to help address such emergencies and address your dental situation. However, you must first get confirmation from your preferred dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Emergency Dental Appointments Costlier Than Regular Ones?

Yes, patients usually have to pay slightly more for emergency services, but it won’t break the bank. Remember, emergency dentists work past their usual hours and deserve compensation for the same. Plus, dental emergency appointments have no waiting time, thus attracting a steeper cost.

What Is the Most Important Thing to Do During a Dental Emergency?

The most important thing to do in a dental emergency is to keep calm. Keeping a level head will help you clearly articulate your emergency to an emergency dentist on the phone. It also helps you take the right steps to prevent the dental issue from worsening.